StripTogether: The Online Comic Jam

Branding, Product Design, Development

StripTogether: The Online Comic Jam is my passion project. It is the online platform where artists can join in on collaborative comic strips one panel at a time. StripTogether is a space for art practice, collaboration, and community. The project is an ongoing iterative design practice, with weekends and evenings spent refining the interface and developing new features.

All aspects of StripTogether have been handled by myself: branding, product design (user experience and user interface), front and backend web development, community engagement, and promotion. While of course I created this platform because I wanted somewhere to collaboratively connect with distant artists, I also took on the endevour as a pledge to my belief that to do good work, as designer must understand their medium. As a web designer, it is important that I understand all aspects of the projects that I design.

StripTogether exists as an exploration of what is possible in social media. The question behind it is: Can we create greater connections online by placing the social focus on communal creation, rather than consumption? It is my goal to grow StripTogether into the world's largest collaborative art project.

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